Eon has a team consistently looking out for effective, non -patented molecules.  The effort to provide generic medicine from WHO-GMP certified manufacturers is in sync with its commitment to make affordable drugs accessible to every Filipino.

The existing product range includes but is not limited to :


Antimicrobials and Antivirals

  1. [Fluconazole] Fleozol Capsules 150 mg
  2. [Aciclovir] Cloviron Tablets 400mg
  3. [Cefadroxil] Droxil Dry Syrup 125mg/5mL and Capsules 500mg
  4. [Cefixime] Ezcef Dry Syrup 50mg/5mL (60mL) and Tablets 200mg
  5. [Cefuroxime] Eoroxime Dry Syrup 250mg/5mL and Tablets 500mg
  6. [Roxythromycin] Macrobact Tablets 150mg
  7. [Levofloxacin] Voflox 500mg


  1. [Cetirizine] Cetzy Tablets 10mg
  2. [Fexofenadine] Eofen Tablets 120mg


  1. [Meloxicam] Loflam Tablets 15mg
  2. [Tramadol] Treomal Tablets 50mg

Cardiovascular Drugs

  1. [Amlodipine Besilate] Eodipine Tablets 10mg / 5mg
  2. [Nifedipine] Eofed Tablets 10mg
  3. [Clopidogrel Bisulfate] Carlopid Tablets 75mg
  4. [Losartan K] Ezartan Tablets 50mg

Antidiabetic Agents

  1. [Glimeperide] Eopride Tablets 2mg
  2. [Gemfibrozil] Eogem Capsules 300mg

Gastrointestinal (GIT) Drugs

  1. [Omeprazole] Omebloc Capsules 20mg
  2. [Pantoprazole] Panzel Tablets 40mg


  1. Fluromet 1mg/ml (5mL)
  2. Oxin 3mg/mL (5mL)
  3. Eotob 3mg/mL (5mL)
  4. Eyelube Eyedrops 0.5% (10mL)


  1. Silzer 10mg/2mg (10g)
  2. Cleovate G 500 mcg/1mg (5g and 10g)
  3. Cleovate Cream (10g)
  4. Emizole (10g)
  5. Mosone (5g)
  6. [Mupirocin] Mupiderm (5g)
  7. Benzoper Gel 5% tube (2g)

Every year a new pharmaceutical vertical is added to robust portfolio. Planned growth in product pipeline is focused on serving solutions for lifestyle diseases.

Eon sources for effective medical solutions from across the globe; that provides a better life to the people.

If you are a prospective vendor or seller you may contact us directly.

Products are available in selected outlets; hospital pharmacies; chain drugstores.