EON Pharmatek is one of the leading importer, distributor and exclusive marketing agent in the Philippines. Since
inception in 2007, Eon has un-deterring focus to provide new era products that improve quality of life. Eon’s is well positioned
to respond to any changes in the market; given consistent addition to its product portfolio. The product list contains over a
hundred products sourced from WHO GMP approved manufacturers based in Australia, Europe, United States and India.

The product range includes solutions to life style diseases, skin care, over the counter products, prescribed by doctors
and administered by professional dermatologist, topical and non topical cosmeceuticals.
Acne facts and myths   Is your multivitamin,
supplement safe?
  Dry Skin Indications
MYTH: All pimples are same just at
various stages of maturity.

FACT: There are six different types of acne,
and some are tougher to treat than others.
Common whiteheads and blackheads, caused
by blocked pores, generally go away with over-
the-counter products. More difficult to treat:
papules (raised, solid bumps) and pustules
(papules with pus in them). Worse still are
nodules and
Q: Are all prenatal vitamins pretty much the

A: No. Prescription vitamins are regulated by the
Bureau of Food and Drug administration, but
they're not required to contain certain nutrients.
"There are many different formulations
available,with different concentrations of each
nutrient,"says Kukreja.
Allergic Eczema
When your body comes into contact with
something that could make you sick, your
immune system promotes chemical changes
to help your body ward off disease. Your
body reacts to these substances even if they
are not harmful. These substances are known
as allergens. The reaction to the allergens is
called allergic reaction.