About EON________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Our Presence
Established in May 2007 and headquartered in Metro Manila, Philippines. Eon Pharmatek is a Philippine based, distribution and marketing company
that provides clinically-proven medical products, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals to hospitals, clinics and leading drugstores across the nation.
We stand for Improving Quality of Life
At Eon every supplier is diligently selected. Our suppliers are partners capable of compliance to the most rigorous standards. We provide retail
drug stores, pharmacies, hospitals, derma clinics with high quality skin care, branded and generic strong knowledge of Philippines we are committed
to enhancing the access of filippinos to world class graded product at affordable price. We believe making products available that meet high
standards does not mean the most expensive. Providing value is core to day decision making. Ensuring all segment of the society have access to
health at affordable cost is what we strive for. At Eon pride in our 100+ growing product portfolio where every product is introduced in the market only
after it meets the pharmaceutical products. With our affordable price. our every we take standard set by BFAD and internal regulatory team.
Our Mission
Inspired by our commitment to be known as a partner of choice that meets high service level, brings value and stands
for its commitment while introducing pharmaceutical and health care products that improve quality of life
Our Values
Our values are the foundation of our existence. How we work is as important as the work we do. We live by our mission and values and take risks,
make difficult decisions, boldly try new ideas to make a winning team.
Performance: We strive for continuous
improvement in our performance. When
we commit to doing something we will do
it in the best way possible by utilizing our
resources efficiently, effectively and innovatively
Teamwork: Our success multiplies if we work
collaboratively. Working together requires
continuous trust, respect and motivation inside
and outside in an effort to bring the best in
ourselves and in others
Customer focus: Understanding and
adapting to the customer needs is the
only way we do things. The best
performers are those who build enriching
and genuine relationship with their
Community: As a company and as
individuals, we commit ourselves to serve
the needs of communities and people in
need throughout the world   
Leadership: We are dedicated to providing opportunities for leadership at all levels in our
organization.  Leaders step forward to achieve challenging goals while building strong and
motivated teams and in the process creating numerous development opportunities for others
Innovation: Innovation is the key to
sustained growth of the individual and
the company
Integrity: Above anything else comes
integrity. Every activity of each day will be
guided by the highest ethical standards and
with 100% compliance
What do we do?